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What Alcohol Can Do To Your Appearance

negative effects of alcohol on your appearance

As we all know, there are a wide range of negative effects of alcohol. However, some of the negative effects get talked about more and therefore are more well-known in comparison to certain negative effects of alcohol. One of the negative effects of alcohol that isn’t talked about much is how it can change your appearance (in a bad way by the way!). Most people know that alcohol generally makes you look older, but what are some of the symptoms that alcohol is taking its toll on you? Here are some of the things that you should look out for:

Weight Gain – This is one of the easiest things to see if you’re trying to look for how alcohol is changing your appearance since it’s a lot easier to notice than most other symptoms that alcohol is having effects on your body. We’re not going to go in to detail about how alcohol makes you put on weight since we already asked the question does alcohol make you gain weight?. A person’s weight is one of the main features of their appearance so it’s really important that you don’t drink too much alcohol so you stay at the right weight.

Broken Veins – Although it’s natural to get broken veins, usually you only get these if you’re at a certain age. When you see a young person with broken veins it’s more than likely due to that person drinking a lot of alcohol. The easiest way to see if someone is suffering from broken veins is by looking at their face since this is usually where they occur the most, along the cheeks and nose. The reason why a person gets broken veins from drinking alcohol is because alcohol expands your blood vessels and so on, and if you drink on a regular basis the blood vessel will eventually burst which can be seen on a person’s skin if it happens close to the surface of their skin. It’s definitely not something that anyone wants to happen to them, so make sure that you don’t drink too much alcohol so that you won’t have to worry about this.

Bad Skin – If you want to take care of your skin you really should stay away from alcohol. As some of you already know, when you drink alcohol your body loses a lot of water from it which means that your body will become dehydrated. This means that less water will be available for your skin which isn’t good news since your skin badly needs a lot of water in order to stay healthy. Dry skin is a big problem for people who drink excessively.

Bloodshot Eyes – Believe it or not, you won’t just get bloodshot eyes for just the night that you’re drinking or the day after. One of the negative effects of alcohol is that you’ll have bloodshot eyes for a long period of time if you continue to drink a lot of alcohol. The reason why this happens is similar to the way that a person gets broken veins as we explained above, the vessels in your eyes will simply burst due to too much alcohol and therefore you’ll have bloodshot eyes for a lot longer than a day or so.

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