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Negative Effects Of Alcohol On Your Brain

There are many diverse effects of alcohol, many of which are negative effects of alcohol. The brain is very important to humans, it controls nearly everything that we do - speech, walking, talking etc. People constantly talk about the negative effects of alcohol on the liver, but isn't the brain just as important, or even more important? Everyone has different opinions on that but personally I believe that it's more important. Nobody can argue that alcohol can change the way a person acts, most of us know that by now. So what does alcohol do to your brain?

Each and every one of us have billions of nerve cells which are scientifically called neurons. All of these nerve cells communicate with each other when you want to do something such as moving your arm. When you drink alcohol, it actually changes how these neurons normally behave and as a result it changes the way you feel such as feeling dizzy. The front of your brain known as the frontal lobe allows you to make decisions about situations that you are in, however after drinking a certain amount of alcohol(which varies person to person) it severely affects what you think is right or wrong.

There are also other parts of the brain that are altered after consuming alcohol. The temporal lobe is the part of the brain which controls emotions such as happiness and sadness. This is the reason why some people suddenly become more happy after a few drinks or even more sad or angry. Every person reacts in a different way and this is why it's important to understand that alcohol isn't a good idea for some people.

Believe it or not, our brains continue developing for a long time, usually until we reach our mid twenties. It's common to expect our brain to stop developing when we reach the age of eighteen but this is a misconception. Because of our brain developing for such a long period of time, drinking alcohol can lead to long term effects of the person. This is why it's so essential to tell your children of the negative effects of alcohol can have on their life, not just in the short term but also in the long term. While you may think the only problem of drinking alcohol is a not so nice hangover the following day, in the long term it can have significant effects on your body such as memory loss.

The problem with alcohol is that to the person drinking it, they don't notice any negative effects on them. It may take them several years to actually realize what this drug is doing to them. Sadly, by the time that the person finds out what alcohol is doing to them, it can often be at a stage where it's too late to recover from the previous years of drinking.