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Negative Effects Of Alcohol Abuse

Very little of us think about the negative effects of alcohol abuse, even though we hear terrible stories that have happened mainly due to alcohol abuse. It’s almost as if we’ve all become so used to it that it has no effect on us at all anymore. It’s quite sad really, since there are so many negative effects of alcohol that you have to wonder why nearly all of us consume it now and again, with some being a lot more regular drinkers than others. Many of us often think about alcohol in such a positive way, a way that lets people enjoy themselves more than what they usually would, but this isn’t true, it’s completely false actually!

I believe that around 95% of people think that alcohol can only affect a person’s life if they drink on a very regular basis (every couple of days or so) but this isn’t the case. It’s become a part of each and every one of our cultures that alcohol won’t result in any negative effects if you don’t drink too much. However, this is where the problem begins, how much is “too much”? Well, it’s pretty much impossible to answer that question since it depends on so many variables including the height of the person, the weight of the person etc. So, even though our culture and society makes us all believe that drinking one or two drinks is nothing to worry about; this may not be the case for some people.

It’s also important not to be fooled by the way that big brands portray alcohol. Alcohol won’t make you have a better time with your close friends, it’s simply not true. You could have a much better time with your friends without the need to drink any type of alcohol, so why bother with it, especially when you consider all of the negative effects of alcohol like feeling bad the next day, not being able to remember some things that happened the night before and so on. Think about it, if you wanted to have a good night out with your friends, surely you’d want to remember those good times, right?

Even though you might start drinking alcohol just for a bit of fun or whatever, it can suddenly turn in to a downward slope. What might start out as you having a drink or two with your friends could quickly change in to drinking five or six drinks alone during the day. This will have enormous negative effects on your own life, but this is where it gets worse. The negative effects of alcohol don’t just make your life worse; it makes everyone around you suffer as well. This means that your friends and even your family could quickly forget about you. Nobody likes having friends that care more about alcohol than their own friends and it’s quite similar in relation to your family. Although your family might support you for a while to try allow you to have some time to get back to normal, there will come a time when they decide that life would be easier without someone who comes home drunk and causing trouble in the household regularly. This is why it’s essential that you know when you should stop drinking alcohol. Obviously it’s fine to drink now and again, but ensure that you aren’t one of those people who fall in to the trap of becoming alcohol dependent, or in other words, an alcoholic.

Hopefully this short article about alcohol abuse and the negative effects of alcohol has taught you some things that you need to know. If you need any more information about the effects that alcohol can have on you, I’d suggest that you read some of the other articles that are on the site. You can use the navigation at the top to read articles about certain topics including: mental health, short-term effects of alcohol, long-term effects of alcohol and negative effects that alcohol can have on your body. (or physical effects)


How The Physical Effects Of Alcohol Get Worse

So, like most people you probably enjoy drinking alcohol from time to time. It's a good way for you to make yourself enjoy the night more, right? Well, this isn't actually true. There are so many negative effects of alcohol to us humans, and if you knew about them all, you'd probably think twice before going to your local bar for a few drinks. I'm going to mention some of the physical effects of drinking too much alcohol, but you should always remember that there are many other negative effects like how it impacts on the persons family, friends and even their job. As you probably know already, the more alcohol that is consumed, the more negative effects you will get from it, so here's how it all starts and how it gradually worsens :

  • Behavior - It usually only takes in or around ten minutes before we can notice a behavioral change in a person from consuming alcohol. It may be something small at the start that you notice, but towards the end of the night it will be more noticeable. There's a few things that people do when their behavior changes such as saying things that they wouldn't usually say, taking drugs that they would never go near and so on.
  • Muscle Control - The next effect of alcohol after behavior changes is the change in a persons muscle control. This basically means that the person consuming the alcohol suddenly isn't able to do basic things such as walk straight, talk normally etc. As with other effects, the more alcohol the person drinks, the more the person loses their own muscle control.
  • Memory Loss - You often hear about people making jokes about how they simply can't remember certain things that happened the previous night. Although some people may find this funny, in reality, it's really not. This is a sign that there was so much alcohol in that persons blood that it resulted in them not being able to remember events that happened.
  • Coma - So, you may have thought that the negative effects of alcohol in relation to memory loss was funny the following day? Well, count yourself lucky that you didn't reach the final step, a coma. This really isn't something you should put yourself at risk to, as many people die each year from being in a coma. In the previous physical effects of alcohol, none were really bad enough to potentially kill you, but in this case the odds aren't in your favor.

So, next time you are drinking alcohol, remember that you can enjoy it without putting your own life at risk. After reading about these negative effects of alcohol, hopefully it'll stop you from drinking so much on your next night out.