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Negative Effects Of Alcohol On Society

Although there are so many people that think that alcohol is some sort of magical thing that makes every person happier in every sort of way, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Alcohol has a large part to play in all societies around the world nowadays and sadly the problems that alcohol has caused only seem to be getting worse. Everything that the public sees in daily life that’s related to alcohol is something that looks “good”. It’s easy to fall in to this trap and believe that this drug is a so called “good” drug, but it’s not, it’s just like many other type of drugs that’s out there – bad. But surely something like alcohol couldn’t have any negative effects on society, right? Wrong. Here are a couple of the negative effects of alcohol on our society:

Healthcare Problems – With more and more people going to hospital every day as a result of alcohol related problems, it’s no wonder why hospitals around America and other countries are really struggling to help those who really do need help including the elderly. With the amount of people (majority are young) needing hospital treatment after consuming large quantities of alcohol it’s easy to see why some people have a hatred towards any type of alcohol. The amount of problems which it causes is enormous. What makes this even more surprising is that it’s the one drug that nearly every person sees something about each day, such as advertisements and so on.

– It’s believed that around one in every 10 people that drink alcohol on a regular basis will become an alcoholic at some point in the future. This is a really shocking statistic. Just for a minute, think about all of the people that you know in your life that drink alcohol now and again, now imagine if 10% of them were to become an alcoholic – it’s not a nice thought, is it? Not only is this bad news for the person that will become an alcoholic, but it’s also very bad for society as a whole. One of the negative effects of alcohol is that it makes people become more violent along with other things, this results in a lot of trouble for other people in society that don’t want anything got to do with alcohol – but sadly other people around them will make their life a lot worse, at no fault of their own. When there’s statistics claiming that there are over 17 million alcoholics in the United States alone, it’s not hard to worry about how our society will tackle this massive problem.

Behaviour Problems – We all know that alcohol “makes” (and I use that term loosely) people do things that they normally wouldn’t even think about. This could be anything from smashing a glass window from a shop to deciding to drive home drunk. Think about all of the negative effects that alcohol can actually cause in these situations, in the glass example, a small business will have to close for a day or two to get their window repaired as well as costing them a decent amount of money which they more than likely can’t afford to just throw away. In the second example though, the effects can be much more serious. Alcohol related car crashes result in around ten thousand deaths per year on American roads, now think about how many that is worldwide!

Hopefully this short piece has made you think about alcohol in a new light, it’s not such a “happy” drug afterall. Don’t be fooled by the media, the negative effects of alcohol on society in my opinion outweigh the positives of alcohol on society by far. Sadly, the youth of today are subjected to so much media throughout their day that they'll believe that alcohol can make their life so much better than what it currently is, but there's a good chance that alcohol will actually make their life a lot worse than what it currently is!

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