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Negative Effect Of Alcohol On Your Liver

The majority of people have had their fair share of alcohol. It seems to be around us all day, from television adverts to your local supermarket. Alcohol has always been a part of humans culture, especially during the last fifty years or so. This makes people believe that it's not a harmful substance but sadly it's quite the opposite. Alcoholism has grown into a large problem all over the globe, but it has got so bad that there is no stop to it. While alcohol has always been associated with fun and enjoyment, it is usually the opposite. Alcohol is a drug that makes you feel good for a short period of time and then later makes you feel bad for a much longer period of time, so it's really not worth it. There are many negative effects of alcohol, but in this article I'm going to talk about the damage it can do to a persons liver.

Lets start with a fact, seventy five percent of all liver diseases are self inflicted. As well as this close to half of people who receive liver transplants is as a result of drinking alcohol. To me, that's a really negative effect of alcohol, just imagine all of those people that need transplants due to no fault of their own. Believe it or not, most alcohol drinkers could really prevent liver damage if they stopped consuming such large amounts of alcohol, obviously it's perfectly fine to drink occasionally.

There are a number of different alcohol related liver diseases because of heavy drinking, the main one being cirrhosis. As well as this, it's also one of the most serious liver diseases. It eventually leads to not letting any blood reach vessels which destroys the liver. There's several side effects of this that should help you be aware of your livers condition including your skin being more yellow than normal, you bruise easily etc. To put it simply as to what happens, alcohol can easily damage the cells that are located in the liver, these cells are very important as they help the liver to produce more cells that are needed to keep your liver working. This is one of the most negative effects of alcohol on a humans body, it's a dreadful experience to put your loved ones through.

There's a few ways in which you can prevent doing any damage to your liver, the main one being to try and stop drinking so much but I'm sure you know that one by now. Another way to stop the negative effects of alcohol is to start eating healthily by eating more vegetables, walking more regularly and maybe take up a new hobby. And finally maybe it would be a good idea to take a supplement which helps your cells to produce more cells so your liver can regenerate itself although this may not be an option for everyone for several reasons.

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